Supporting the further development of Psych Boost – Current rewards

Everythink on this grid that is green should be availible now!

(if something is green on this diagram and you can’t access it please contact me as the link may be broken.)

In red are the resources I am working on this month (March 2021) In white are the resources I am planning to make over the next few months.

If you are contributing on Patreon for a particular resource, please don’t sign up until what you want is available here

Psych boost progress bar

This grid is an outline of my Psych Boost project. (click image to make bigger)

This grid should give you an idea of what your Patreon donation is helping to be created. (for context in total there are 1339 boxes I need to turn green, yellow are old videos that need updating)

The point is to provide high quality psychology content videos free to everyone, and provide over 150+ support exam tutorial videos, and 1000+ paper resources for any student of psychology for about the cost of a coffee. Not every student can afford a personal tutor, so I am trying to replicate the experience as best I can.

Just some credentials so you know I am not a randomer doing all this, I have been an A-level psychology teacher for 5+ years (in FE, Grammar and Private), worked as an examiner marking AQA A-level psychology papers and have served on the committee for the association for the teaching psychology (who you should really check out if you’re a teacher

As you can see this is an on-going project so if you are signing up on Patreon to for a particular resource maybe check here to see if it has been made yet. If not check back soon, I will update this page every week or so. If you need it quickly (say to use with a class) send me a message and I may be able to move things around.

My personal target is to have most of this green by summer of 2021! But keep in mind I am just one guy doing this around teaching!

Cheers, Nick