Supporting the further development of Psych Boost – Current rewards

Psych boost progress - SEPT 2021

Turning the A-level in psychology into illustrated videos and a set of companion resources is a pretty big task as you can imagine. Supporting Psych Boost on Patreon really helps this project! I use this grid to keep track of the psych boost project (click for bigger version).

Everything on the grid that is green or yellow (old vids) is available right now to watch/download! 

Every topic should eventually have:

FREE to all
A set of high quality teaching videos for every unit
(This is the main mission of psych boost)

Tier 1 Patreon (approx £2)
Printable poster, quiz and essay plan for every unit.

Tier 2 Patreon (approx £3.50)
Script, Worksheet and exam qustion tutorial video to match each content video

Tier 3 Patreon (approx £6.50)
Teaching slides

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 In total there are 1339 boxes I need to turn green to finish my plan of what I want psych boost to be.

In red are the resources that will be released this month (Sept 2021). In purple are the resources I hope to complete to be released over october half term 2021. In white are the resources I am planning to make over the next few months.

If you are contributing on Patreon for a particular resource, please check here to see if its available right now. If its green and you cant download it / watch it, let me know.

What do i want psych boost to be?

The point is to provide high-quality psychology content videos free to everyone and provide over 150+ support exam tutorial videos, covering every topic area and 1000+ paper resources to any student of psychology for about the cost of a coffee. Not every student can afford a personal tutor, so I am trying to replicate the experience as best I can, while making it affordable to everyone.

Just some credentials so you know I am not a randomer doing all this, I have been a classroom A-level psychology teacher for 7 years (in FE, grammar, and now private), I’ve worked as an examiner marking AQA A-level psychology papers and have served on the committee for the association for the teaching psychology (who you should really check out if you’re a teacher

As you can see this is an ongoing project so if you are signing up on Patreon to for a particular resource maybe check here to see if it has been made yet. If not check back soon, I will update this page every month.

Currently most (52%) is green/yellow. My personal target is to have 80% green by exams in 2022! 

Cheers, Nick7